The Five Aspects of Tai Chi Chuan

Five Winds Tai Chi Chuan is composed of five distinct elements:

* The Solo Hand Form

* The Eight Pushing Hands Exercises

* The Self-Defence Applications

* The Solo Weapons Forms

  1. *Nei Kung Internal Strength Exercises

Each of these elements is important to a complete understanding of Tai Chi Chuan. The hand form trains movement; pushing hands trains sensitivity to an opponent's movements; the weapons forms help train spirit and intent; and Nei Kung strengthens the body and trains power. All of these components are essential for the self-defence applications to be successful.

Article on Cheng Tin Hung founder of the style by Ian Cameron

The Character of the Forms

All of the components described above are interconnected. Without any one of them the system is not complete. Each complements the others. The following quote is from Tai Chi Sabre, Sword and Spear by Cheng Tin Hung -

The Tai Chi Chuan expert practises the hand form in order to cultivate the mind; he practises the sword to nourish the chi; he practises the sabre to strengthen his resolve; he practises the spear to increase wisdom; he practises internal strength to develop jing (focused power). The hand form is the foundation for the effective usage of weapons. If the hand form is skilful then nothing will go wrong.